I spent the most memorable summers of my childhood in Amalsaad, a quaint village, in Gujarat, India. Here I played in the family's mango orchards, read books on my grandmother's ancient swing, sat in the verandah sketching for hours. These are the memories that stayed with me. I grew up watching my mom work with the local artisans to hand-make toys that would support the local community. Those are the toys you also see in the Little Paisley People line. And that’s the logo you see – the passing on of the thread over the generations. After years of seeing my mother make those toys, now inspired by my little one, reviving those childhood memories, here’s Little Paisley People.

We’re a New York-based brand, with the first collection launched in Spring 15. It's an ode to the artisans and craftsmen we admire. We create handcrafted lifestyle products for children, never forgetting that kids need to be kids. The handmade nature of these products evoke an understated elegance but are always playful. Social responsibility, the people who make these products, and how they make them are very important to us.